Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still. Still....

One more night and the veterans should be ready for approval shots. I still need to finish the standard and the snipers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Hours Melt Away

I haven't been estimating "almost" very well lately. Despite these guys being "almost done" I have managed to spend a few nights of several hours of painting and they seemingly creep to completion.

At this point you can see (perhaps) that all holsters are done, power weapons have a few colors, special decorations (power fists, chest symbols, etc.) are done. The apothecary will get some more colors on his sensors.

Mini-rant: I'm shocked that GW has no plans to release black, white and gunmetal foundation paints in single jars! I refuse to buy an entire hobby kit just to get those three paints!! (Oh, who am I kidding... I probably will.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Veterans are Nearly Done

They only need shoulder insignia, eyes cleanup, base color and bolters. Okay, and skull highlights. And power weapons. Man there are 1000 details that you can miss on these things. Oh, and don't worry about the shine on the black too much. The foundation black is pretty shiny, but the Testor's dullcote I'm protecting them with takes the shine down nicely. The non-veteran marine in the front is a good example of final tone.

You can catch the command squad peppered in there, but the standard is not mounted to the bearer yet. The apothecary should be pretty obvious.

Vehicles, well.... stay tuned. Very soon. No April Fool's joke here.