Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, there they are.
Please take a look, and let me know if there is anything you would like changed. If they meet your specs, I will send them FedEx Ground on Tuesday.

Please let me say that this has been a great experience. You've been very pleasant to work with and infinitely patient with my inability to estimate time on this project, and I have a little surprise in the works as a way of saying thanks. You won't get to see it until July sometime, so have patience. I'm really hoping it's worth it.


James said...

Well, they look awesome. I've seriously been staring at the pictures for like an hour. I really love the command razorback. It looks great. And I also like how the dozerblade doors turned out. I can imagine them as emergency modifications made by a tech-marine in the field to clear away city debris. The storm bolter on the Rhino also looks great, I agree. The weathering on all the vehicles looks awesome as well.

There are only two things I've noticed as possibly needing a touch up. The banner looks awesome, but the right side had a couple of parts that seemed slightly off, though it may just be the perspective of the picture. The arc of the lighting bolt on the right seemed way to high and the bottom of the wing on the right side seems to be too short in comparison to the other side. It may be to make it look like it's flapping... haha, I think I mentioned sometime before I am a nut for symmetry for reasons unknown to myself.

The other thing was the guard on the right side the sword on the dreadnought. It has a bit more space from the hilt then on the left. Again I know this may sound nuts... and the freehand looks totally beautiful otherwise. Anyway either of these may be intentional or it just may be the angle of the picture, but those are the only two things I saw that could possibly be improved on.

In any case the army looks awesome. I am ultra-excited to start playing with it. I've wanted to have my own chapter done for yeaaaaaaaaars, so I feel very fortunate to have been able to commission this from you. The wait and cost look to have been totally worth it, and I honestly don't think any of the painting services I've ever looked at could have done better by a longshot.

I'm sure whatever surprise you're working on will be awesome. I'm glad I'll have something else to look at Rectificator-related, haha.

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